2021-2022 season: 
a year of metamorphosis

F21 New Rhino Poster 0914.jpg

rhinoceros by eugéne ionesco
translation by derek prouse
november 12 through 20


fall play

The sublime is confused with the ridiculous in this savage commentary on the human condition, a staple of 20th century absurdist drama.


When a Parisian neighborhood  is surprised to find a wild rhinoceros running loose down their main street, the stage is set for some awkward moments as the citizens must choose sides in the ensuing controversy. Will the seemingly only sane man in town succumb to the impending pressure to embrace his own inner and outer rhinoceros?

“Rhinoceros” is presented by arrangement with Concord Theatricals on behalf of Samuel French, Inc. www.concordtheatricals.com


spring musical

the old man and the old moon
book, music, and lyrics by PigPen Theatre Co. 
april 28 through may 7


The Old Man has kept his post as the sole caretaker of the moon for as long as he (or his wife, the Old Woman) can remember. When she is drawn away by a mysterious melody sparking memories of their shared past, the Old Man must decide between duty (and routine) and love (and adventure). Luckily for our audiences, he chooses the latter, and what follows is an imaginative sea-faring epic, encompassing apocalyptic storms, civil wars, leviathans of the deep, and cantankerous ghosts, as well as the fiercest obstacle of all: change.

Produced by special arrangement with Broadway Licensing (broadwaylicensing.com)