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"But mostly crew members have fun while doing awesome projects and 

sharing the experience with friends." 

Congratulations!  You are curious about joining one of Loyola's most successful, enjoyable, and useful activities.  Hannon Theatre Company Crew will give you the tools you need (pun intended!) to become a theatre technician learning useful skills for all kinds of endeavors in college and in life.  


Our alumni have received scholarships to prestigious theatre schools around the country because of the impressive resume of work they built while on Crew. After college, many of them now work in the industry as designers and technicians.  Many famous and respected lighting designers, scenic designers, stage managers, and technicians got their start at HTC. 

What are your Flu and Covid-19 vaccination policies?

Every student who participates in stage crew must meet the follow vaccination requirements:

1. has received the 2022-23 Flu vaccination

2. is "up-to-date" with the Covid-19 vaccinations

There are no exceptions to this rule.

*Only official medical exemptions will be allowed.

According to the CDC, "up-to-date" is defined as follows:

A. Has received the most recent booster dose (Bivalent Vaccine) which became available September 2, 2022. 




B. Has recently received all recommended doses in the primary vaccine series but is not yet eligible for a booster dose. *These students will be required to get the Bivalent Vaccination booster two months after their most recent dose in order to remain in the production.

     This includes: 

     i.Those who completed their 2-dose primary series of 

        an mRNA COVID-19 vaccine (Pfizer-BioNTech or                  Moderna) less than 2 months ago. 

         *Two months prior to January 21, 2023 is

          November 21, 2022.

     ii.Those who received a single dose of J&J/Janssen

        less than 2 months ago.   

         *Two months prior to January 21, 2023 is

          November 21, 2022.


Any concerns regarding this requirement can be directed toward Hannon Theatre Company's producer Mr. Wolfe. ( 

Official vaccination records or medical exemptions will be collected through the "Cast Information Form."

Crew sessions for the spring musical will be on Saturdays, beginning February 18, 2023.

Crew forms are now available below!

Joining Crew for an HTC Production


Step #1 - Look Over the Production Calendar and Reconcile Your Schedules


If you’re wondering whether you have the time to become involved in HTC, you may peruse the Crew Calendar on the Calendar page of this website (Button Link on the right) so that you are clear about the extensive time commitment for the production. Print out a copy of the Calendar for your easy reference and coordinate your other important calendars to see if our schedule will have any conflicts with yours. 


Step #2 - Get Your Questions Answered: 2 ways


A.  Seek out our stage manager, senior Gus Cohen, or our Student Technical Director, tbd.  He'd be happy to meet you and give you a hard copy of the main form.  




B. Come drop by Room M4 (Berendo Building's Black Box) and ask Mr. Kuhl anything you'd like about being on crew.  You may also email Mr. Kuhl at with any questions you may have. 



Step #3 - Fill Out the Necessary Forms


There are four forms you and your parents will need to fill out. 


Three of the forms are Google Forms and you can access them via the buttons on the right in blue (Information Form, Company Contract, and Monetary Agreement Form).  They must be completed in their entirety and submitted online before your first crew session. 


The red button to the right is the link to the only final required form that must be turned in by hand on or before the first crew meeting in HARD COPY form.  It is the  all-important Consent to Treatment form.  It must be printed out, completed, and the paper copy must be turned-in to the Stage Manager or Mr. Kuhl before you can participate in the first crew session.  We must have a hard-copy on file to use in the case of an emergency. 

Make sure to scroll down a bit to find
the CREW calendar!

Spring 2023 Stage Crew
Now available




What does one do at a Crew Session?

Guided by adjunct faculty members who work professionally in the industry, students get hands on experience doing all the technical work needed to put on a production.  Depending on one's own interests, crew members participate in a bunch of varied activities.  


What are some of the things Crew Members do and learn to do?


Hannon Theatre Company prides itself on developing one's interests and skills in any and all of the various fields of technical theatre. Therefore,  crew builds the elaborate sets for the current production.  Crew learns to hang lights, cable and focus them, program the lighting computer, and design the lighting effects. Crew learns how to synthesize sounds, program and run the sophisticated sound equipment, and manage the microphone system.  Crew learns to build props from scratch.  Crew paints the set while learning painting techniques and contributing to the design process. Crew assists the costume designer in creating, altering, and fitting costumes.    But mostly crew members have fun creating theatrical worlds and sharing the experience with friends.  


When are the Crew Sessions?


Generally, Crew Session times are as follows:  

February  18 - April 22

Build Days

Saturdays -- 10am to 2pm OR 1pm to 5pm

March 1 - April 26

Paint Days

Wednesdays 2:45PM to 6:15pm

*There will be no crew sessions during Easter Vacation-- April 5 to April 15.

**If the set is built and painted early, crew sessions 

will end and resume with running crew sessions.

April 29 - May 13

As needed if on running crew.  Check the Google Calendar for preliminary information. 

May 15 -16

Mandatory strike 2:30 to 7:00

What is Running Crew?


Running Crew helps backstage during the "run" of the show's performances.  This involves responsibilities like moving sets in between scenes, managing props, setting up the actors' microphones, operating the sound, and controlling the lights.  We need students who have proven themselves on crew prior and you have a commitment to the time needed.  


When does Running Crew Meet?


Running Crew:  


November 5 - 20:  Consult the Calendar.  The times listed may vary due to changes in need.  They will not be made longer however. 


 Who is picked for Running Crew?


35 hours minimum time at Crew Sessions is required to be considered for working on running crew.   Those that work the most diligently during crew sessions and who can make the time commitment with no conflicts are chosen.  


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