Pertinent Information:

 ZOOM Audition Appointments

Saturday, January 9, 2021

Registration for Auditions is closed.


After you have signed up for an audition time, email Mr. Wolfe at:



He will return your email with links to the soundtrack materials you will need for the audition. 


Also, he will send you the Zoom links to two workshop sessions with Mr. Speciale on Wednesday and Thursday of this week (January 6 and 7) from 4:00 to 5:00 where he will go over the songs for you.  

ZOOM Mandatory Parent Meeting:

MONDAY, JANUARY 11, 2021 at 7:00 pm

Welcome to HTC. 

I don't need to tell you these are stressful times.  In order to keep our theatre program afloat and to continue to provide a quality theatre education, we are changing things up for our annual SPRING MUSICAL production.  

We are going virtual. 


  • Auditions will be held via Zoom. 

  • The Mandatory Parent Meeting will be held via Zoom. 

  • Rehearsals will be held via Zoom. 

HOWEVER, Our goal is to film the performance live in Hannon Theatre to edit together into an evening length production to be distributed via YouTube.     

This project is going to be educational for all of us.  The adult directors will be making mistakes, learning, and growing right along with our students.  Everything we know about producing a show will be challenged.  So, we ask you bear with us.  

But we need everyone's help to pull this off. 

So please read the following information and directions.


Find out if this project will be a good fit for your family.  If you agree everyone can be fully on board, then proceed with registering for the upcoming Auditions on January 9 and Mandatory Parent Meeting for all chosen cast members' parents on January 11.  The links are in the Pertinent Information section. 


Fill out this Google Form.  It has all the information we will need to get to know you better.  It has a couple of fun components to it as well including a Padlet for recording an introduction and taking a selfie.  


If you are a prospective or returning student member auditioning to be in the upcoming production, read over the FAQ page of this website to learn about how our company operates.  If you agree with the policies, you are eligible to audition.  To show you have done so, fill out the questions included in the Google Form.  

.Look over the Spring Musical Calendar below.  Make sure you will be available for rehearsals in January, February, March, and April, as well as the tentative production period beginning after Easter Break. 

This calendar, once finalized will be transferred to a Google Calendar which will be published and to which you can subscribe. 

ZOOM Auditions:  

Saturday, January 9, 2021                

Each student may sign up for an individual 15 minutes with the directors.  

Forms Deadline:

Saturday, January 9 at 6:00 pm

Cast List Posted:

Monday, January 11

First Rehearsal:

Monday,  January 25

3:45 to 7:00 pm

"Opening Night" on YouTube:


Fill this out afterward:  The fewer conflicts you place on your Rehearsal Conflict Form, the more likely you are to be cast.

If you have any questions at all with scheduling or other concerns, do not hesitate to email the Artistic Director, Mr. Walter Wolfe at wwolfe@loyolahs.edu and he will be happy to help you.