Presenting YOU

Hey Most Wonderful Alumni,

I was trolling the internet the other day checking out what other respected theatre programs were doing for their productions this year, as I am wont to do. And something I really liked kept coming up. Several of the websites included an Alumni page with bios and stuff. Wouldn't it be awesome to add such a page to our HTC webpage as a special component for Loyola's 150th Celebration this year? And I'd love to advertise the page in the upcoming Fall Play program, and then everyone could see (what I already know) how wonderful HTC alums are!

Remember Senior Bios in the HTC programs? (You don't if you're a more recent alum as I stopped publishing them in 2008.) Let's put a twist on that tradition together.

So, here's what I'd like for you to do when you have the time. Email me at with a bio about your life in the theatre or how theatre training has affected your professional life in other areas. If you are working in the entertainment industry, a brag sheet of what you've done would be awesome. But if you've switched gears over the years, tell the world about your wonderful accomplishments and perhaps how theatre has helped you in your chosen career. Think of it as the playbill bio for a wonderful alumni show.

I don't know -- what do you say -- maybe 125 words or so?

Also include the shows you did with HTC, your roles in them if you want, and what years they were performed. (I'm getting old and would have to look it up EVERY time!)

AND finally, and perhaps most exciting for me -- send me a wonderful picture of you to include as your headshot.

So, the gauntlet has been thrown down! I'm sooooo looking forward to reading all about you.


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