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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Hannon Theatre crew?


The crew is responsible for the construction of the set for every Hannon Theatre performance. Furthermore, the entire lighting and sound departments of the theatre are student-run. Students participating in Hannon Theatre Company crew will be exposed to construction, scenic painting, theatrical lighting and sound, and general theatre operating procedures.


What is the time commitment expected of HTC crew members?


Students involved in the crew are called Wednesdays and Fridays for construction until 7pm at the start of production.  As the production period progresses, Thursdays are added to the schedule and dismissal times are extended.  The basic requirement is that all crew members are present for at least two days a week and stay until clean up (dismissal time) for at least one day a week.  Students unable to maintain this commitment may be asked to leave the company.  Communication with the Student Technical Director and Stage Manager are essential in managing student schedules.


Who is the Director?


The director of Hannon Theatre is responsible for transforming an artistic vision into a physical production for the public.  This vital role requires much time and energy, and the director should be appreciated as having such a role.  The director runs the rehearsals and becomes more involved with the running crew once technical rehearsals have begun.


Who is the Stage Manager?


The Stage Manager is responsible for the operation of rehearsals and performances.  Contact the Stage Manager if you have an important issue with the production, such as an issue with another company member that cannot be resolved by the Student Technical Director.  The Stage Manager is the second contact in the communication hierarchy for most things theatre-related (after the Student Technical Director).


Who is the Scenic Designer?


The Scenic Designer is responsible for translating the directors vision of the show into a design concept to be used by the Technical Director to create the set.  The Scenic Designer draws the initial set drawings and manages the properties for the show,as well as the Box Office.  The Scenic Designer and the Student Technical Director supervise the paint sessions on Thursdays during the regular production period.


Who is the Technical Director?


The Technical Director (TD) is responsible for taking the designs of the Scenic Designer and Director and translating the concepts and drawings into physical construction plans.  The TD is responsible for ensuring all the technical aspects of the show fall into place.  The TD, in conjunction with the Scenic Designer and the Student Tech. Director, is responsible for supervising crew sessions.


Who is the Student Technical Director?


The Student Technical Director is comparable to the foreman of a construction site; he ensures the plans of the Technical Director are made into a reality.  The Student Technical Director and the Technical Director supervise crew sessions on Wednesdays and Fridays.  The Student Technical Director and the Scenic Designer supervise crew sessions on Thursdays (paint sessions).  The Student Technical Director is the first contact for most issues crew-related.


How should Loyola High School Hannon Theatre Company equipment and facilities be cared for?


Always treat all equipment with respect.  Tools, properties (props), costumes, set pieces, technical equipment, printed materials, and anything else handled by the company should be cared for and returned to its proper place.


What is the running crew?


The running crew consists of the crew members responsible for completing the set and running the show during dress rehearsals and performances.   Running crew members are chosen based on hours served, work effort observed, interaction with others, etc.  The tech week schedule is strenuous and should be reviewed (see the calendar) before accepting a role on the running crew.


What is strike?


Strike is the post-production activity of returning and sorting costumes, dismantling the set, and any other activity related to preparing the theatre for the next production.  Strike usually is held on the Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday following the last performance from 2:30-6pm and is mandatory for all company members.


What contact information should I have?


Stage Manager:  Redmond Ang


LHS Security: (213) 381-5121 x 1901